Combustion power tools

Take on the next generation

Everyday applications of combustion power tools range from power generators and pressure washers, to lawn movers and pumps, to snow blowers and trimmers, to multi-purpose engines. By converting energy into mechanical and/or electric energy, combustion power tools power these devices or systems thereof. However, the international non-automotive small engine market is currently in a state of change. Over the next few years, there’s a clear trend towards electronic control for ignition and fuel injection systems, such as Electronic Fuel Injection, primarily because of growingly more stringent emissions regulations. Good for the planet, challenging for your designs.

In this competitive market you must design increasingly efficient engines that are also cost-effective. Achieving this requires a reliable, flexible supplier of system solutions that meets the evolving needs for efficient, environmentally-friendly combustion engines in power tools. With Infineon, you get all this and more.

Combustion power tools system diagram

Innovative, cost-effective solutions for combustion power tools

Our broad product portfolio of cutting-edge semiconductor solutions is your one-stop shop. In it you’ll find cost-effective components that allow you to design efficient, flexible and low emission combustion engine power tools. Choosing Infineon’s solutions also means reducing your R&D costs.

Here’s a taste of what’s possible. Our XMC1400 microcontroller series meets the market’s price for performance requirements. Moreover, it offers application-specific functionalities and features for all aspects of control of small combustion engines. The XMC1400 series is available in several packages suitable for combustion engines in power tools. Also, the small engine management system IC TLE8080EM has been proven in the field at multiple automotive customers to be the most cost-efficient solution for small single cylinder combustion engines.

Discover what your combustion power tool designs can achieve with semiconductor solutions from Infineon.