Secure Payment

There are billions of electronic payment credit and debit cards in use around the world. Most of the payment cards issued in Europe have already been migrated to chip cards with security  in order to provide advanced protection against duplication and skimming of magstripe cards.
Requirements for security and data protection are on the rise with the introduction of increasingly complex technologies. Secure payments today are mainly made

  • at the point of sale via smart cards,
  • online via internet banking or even
  • contactless e-purse with a cell phone, upcoming in the future.

With over 25 years of market experience Infineon Technologies provides secure hardware solutions for the payment segment:

payment (SDA) market with low-end products (using 3 DES),

payment (DDA/CDA) market with adequate security and sufficient memory ranges based on a  diversified crypto portfolio 

market by offering highest security based on Infineon's unique Integrity Guard concept  featuring multiple interfaces and offering larger  memory sizes

Our competence in the smart card market has been proven not only by our overall number 1 position in this market for the last 12 years but also by a strong and leading position in the payment segment due to our diversified product portfolio with multiple derivatives especially designed for the Payment market.

3 reasons for Infineon’s No. 1 market position for Payment ICs

  1. Security first:
    It is the banks' money  that is transferred; Infineon takes this seriously.
    Infineon’s comprehensive product portfolio is officially certified up to highest security certificates, such as EMVCo and CC EAL5+ (high).
  2. Understand and build answers to the market requirements:
    A deep commitment to standardization and membership of industry bodies, such as the NFC Forum, ISO 14443, and EMVCo Technical Associate membership leads to state of the art products granting high reliability.
  3. Work face to face:
    Your bank / institute needs best support. For more than 25 years Infineon stands for well-established relationships in the banking and credit card industry. In addition we established platforms and tools that customers and card vendors know and understand.


In the next years Infineon will introduce many innovations which will be unique for the payment market:

  • Strong technology roadmap to keep leading position.
  • Introduction of the revolutionary " Integrity Guard Concept"  to adress the paradigm shift in security technology.
  • Introduction of a new secure flash technology which offers multiple and unique advantages with regard to lead-times, code flexibility and shorter development & approval cycles.






Contactless payment using smart wearables
Contactless payment using smart wearables
The world's first NFC payment ring enabled by Infineon
The world's first NFC payment ring enabled by Infineon