Power tools

Designing cost-effective and eco-friendly systems

The power tools industry is marked by a high level of innovation and competition. As such, there’s mounting pressure on manufacturers to offer the latest technologies at a fair price – particularly in products geared towards consumers. People today, whether consumers implementing home improvement projects or skilled tradespeople working on construction sites, seek out powerful yet energy-efficient products that are lightweight and compact.

Safety always comes first

Overall, the industry prioritizes research and development to ensure power tool users – be it on construction sites or in private homes – have access to safe, ergonomic and energy efficient products. Because power tools have the potential to cause harm if not used correctly, manufacturers need power tools designs with optimally-engineered, cutting-edge solutions for electromechanical safety. For skilled tradespeople who regularly handle power tools, it’s essential for a design to minimize the risk of health problems that may arise from regular exposure to vibration, noise or dust. All this is possible to achieve using advanced semiconductor technology – like power tool solutions from Infineon.

The cordless boom

Today, the cordless power tool sector is the industry’s fastest-growing segment, with projections indicating no end in sight. The reasons why are obvious: both professional and private users appreciate the safety and convenience of a lightweight, low-voltage power tool – without a cable and need for an electrical outlet.

Explore your application of interest for a more detailed look at the current challenges of the power tool industry – and discover how you can overcome them with components from Infineon.